Summer & Fall 2017

          It has been a while since my last blog post.  WOW!  What a busy summer and fall between tractor shows, auctions and well, life!  I’m pretty sure everyone can relate.  In the past few months I’ve been to quite a few different places, and met some really great people.  In this blog post[…]

World War II Reenactment

                                While scrolling through Facebook one night my husband found a World War II Reenactment that was going to be taking place not far from our home.  We decided that we wanted to clear our schedule and take our three boys[…]

The Edwards Family Collection

  On a beautiful spring Sunday afternoon I headed to Franklin, IL to visit with the Edwards Family.  Franklin is quiet little town about 30 minutes west of Springfield.  As I pulled in the driveway I noticed rows and rows of tractors lined up.  I definitely knew I was at the right place.  As I[…]

The Gaus Family Collection

If you have been in and around tractor shows throughout the state of Illinois I am sure you have seen one of Gaus Farms prairie tractors.  I sat down with brothers Craig, Eric, Vern and Andrew to hear their story.  The Gaus family tradition of collecting started with their Grandpa Vernon and their father Charlie.[…]

Early Machines Auction in Central Illinois

The Rusty Wheel was invited to attend a really awesome auction in Nokomis, Illinois at Aumann Auctions.  The auction was featuring a ton of old iron!  Everything from engines, cars, tractors and literature.  An auction featuring old iron is right up the Rusty Wheel’s alley! Kurt Aumann started the ball rolling for the auction around[…]

The Big Jansen Family

The Rusty Wheel headed to the small town of Sigel, IL to visit the Jansen brothers.  Sigel is located in Southern Illinois near Effingham with a population of around 400 people.  I sat down with brothers Kent & Karl at their Jansen Bros. Garage to talk about their collection.  The Jansen’s come from a large[…]

Beautiful Orange County, CA

The Rusty Wheel had an invitation to tag along with the Aumann Auctions team a couple weeks ago for an auction in the heart of Orange County California!  The team and I headed to Westminster for an awesome auction of Caterpillar Crawlers, BEST Crawlers, Rumely Oil Pulls, horse drawn implements, and many early cars and[…]

Welcome to The Rusty Wheel

Hello.  Meet your blogger Brittany Bedolli.  Brittany resides in rural Illinois with her husband Andy and their sons Joshua, Jacob & Kaleb.  You can usually find Brittany and her family at various tractor shows during the summer months throughout the state of Illinois.  Brittany has a strong passion for Vintage Power especially with Prairie Tractors[…]